So you have found My Blog if you have followed me this far then I guess there somethings I should warn you about before we get started.Life is not censured and neither is my mouth this is a place for me to unburden my mind,heart,and soul so I am not going to worry about offending others or trying to censor myself. Since this is all about my life there will be talk of Sex,Drugs,and other Dirty things.If your still with me at this point you should know we use the buddy system here so no one gets lost so everyone find a friend and take their hand.My mind can be a very dark place so if you loss your buddy or in any way wander from the heard it is enter at your own risk I cannot be responsible for those who wander off course.I am a Drug Addict in Recovery but I always speak of my addiction as an ongoing thing because I will always struggle with it. Besides once an Addict always an Addict.For those of you who chose to stay Thank you for your time and support.This is my Hell the cost of living here is way to high and it’s always hot but if you like it here I am sure we can find you a real nice place with a great view. Welcome to My Life,My Story,My Addiction.

Truly Me Truly,



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