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Someone said to me once that I don’t look like an addict. I always wondered why he just kept looking at me grinning as he said it. Did he actually believe that he was being nice flattering me? The media have set it in most Peoples mind that an addict is going to be some homeless bum covered in filth. Stinking to high heaven and missing most if not all their teeth. That they will be skinny to the point of looking like the walking dead. Hollowed eyes and a hollow head all brain cells and activity long dead due to years of drug abuse. That to be an addict is to invite death and look like your long awaiting its arrival.
That is so far from most Peoples truth. Yes, there are some addicts out there that look like that and it’s very sad. Most addicts however look like me normal or even better than normal. In order to hide and keep our secret we must appear to fit in, to be well liked, well-adjusted, and carry on a normal boring life and keeping our secret is usually very important to an addict.
My face is one of so many faces. My voice is just one of so many voices screaming to be heard amongst the crowd. My face is one of addiction, and My voice is the voice of an Addict. I am not proud of all of my choices, but I am not ashamed of who I am. My past is what made me, but I will not let my mistakes be what break me.

Truly Me Truly,




I am Dealherin just call me Dea tho everyone does. I am new to the Blog but not new to saying whats on my mind. I am very vocal. I am really in to Art of all types and have always enjoyed creative writing so am trying to put myself and my life out there.

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