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The end of The beginning….


I feel the push and pull of you under my skin. My heart is thundering thoughts of you consume me. My hands are shaking beads of sweat are popping up across my forehead. My stomach flutters. My throat is feeling so very dry. The night air feels almost cold against my fevered skin. My breathing hard and heavy. I run my tongue across parched lips. My ears are not to be trusted. Your voice seems to follow me every where. My eyes are being cruel your image is all around me this can’t possibly be true. Two little words but the most important I have ever said struggle violently inside me both needing to be said. I stop for a moment breath deep and clear my head. My eyes in to yours I reach out and take your hand. Tears on my face I ‘m not even trying to hide. My voice crumbles it cracks once said I know these words can not be taken back. So I spoke up . I spoke loud in a voice that could be heard in the very back of the crowd. Carried on the night wind I knew that you had heard them to. The look in your eyes the moment you heard me say “I do!”

Truly Me Truly,




I am Dealherin just call me Dea tho everyone does. I am new to the Blog but not new to saying whats on my mind. I am very vocal. I am really in to Art of all types and have always enjoyed creative writing so am trying to put myself and my life out there.

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