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What makes your life worth living?

Now, Stop and really read this before you answer. I don’t want some of those generic answers we are programmed to give. I want the plain truth or more complicated truths of the matter. When you do you at your best just in your moment and feel completed. We have a life that’s similar to ours running parallel to ours in our heads. Our would I, could I,, should I moments where we rethink things play events over again in our head and change things that we feel we could have handled better. Who are you when you’re not playing the role that you have been programed to play? Who are you when you’re not basing all your thoughts, sentences, and reactions to what society will accept. What excites you not only mentally and physically but really gets those creative juices flowing. When you are in a position to put the box that your life is so neatly packed away in to the side and just simply Do you what excites you. What truly makes your life worth living?



I am Dealherin just call me Dea tho everyone does. I am new to the Blog but not new to saying whats on my mind. I am very vocal. I am really in to Art of all types and have always enjoyed creative writing so am trying to put myself and my life out there.

2 thoughts on “What makes your life worth living?

  1. Dea. You are right. This is not always an easy question to answer, and more often than not. We do respond with what is socially acceptable or with what we feel people want to hear. For me, this has been a very difficult question that I’ve struggled with lately. Is it because I haven’t been “ME” for so long that I’ve forgotten who I am, or have I buried the real me so deep, that I just don’t remember.

    When you messaged me the other day, I was logging in to shut down my Twitter, but I saw your pending message. For some reason I decided to click, and read your blog, and forget about the task that I had set out to perform. I was touched by a lot of what you have to say. I could never, and would never presume to know or even be able to imagine a fraction of all that you have been through. But through some small piece of my being. I can feel that I relate.

    I have tried over the past several months to put my life in perspective, but it seems so difficult when you love so deeply, yet loathe and despise what you have become. When you feel you’re on a roller coaster, but the operator has left for the day, and all you can do is hang on as you keep going round and round.

    I guess the bottom line here, is that I found your blog, and it’s given me a pause to think about what you’ve said. As for the answer to your question “What makes your life worth living?” For now, I think the desire to try to remember who I really am, and to find the ME that I used to be.

    I’m sorry if this just sounds like a lot of meaningless rambling.



    1. Welcome to my world, Chris. Glad to have you join me. Read seeking forgiveness when you get a chance.I feel like its very powerful writing.


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