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In a high-speed world with communication at its peak a message from New York to Japan and back again less than ten seconds.With your Facebook,Snapchat,and your instagrams making it so easy to spread your messages on a Global level.Anyone of us at anytime could take to our soap boxes and never even get out of our beds. Freedom of speech,Freedom of thought,separation of Church and State,and a wealth of knowledge at our very finger tips.Yet the world around us goes quiet not a single voice is fighting to be heard. People no longer have the courage of their convictions they are no longer willing to put not only a voice but a face to their cause. No longer will they stand toe to toe debating many passionate issue. We have become cowards of our time hiding behind the written word.How did we go down hill so quickly.Is it possible that in such a short time we as a nation have gone from a passionate voice shouting out to be heard above the crowd to complete radio silence to be heard around the world.How did our Martin Luther Kings “I have a Dream.’ become drowned out by silence or replaced by “You are not the Father.”History shows us in the past we fought to be heard and Now Sunday mornings service is being text in,from the first pew by our Pastor on his brand new Iphone. It saddens me greatly to see something we fought so hard for be given away so easily. Keep your voices silent let your keyboards do your talking.We can all hide behind our Facebook page a photographic plastic smile and some quick wit sarcastic remark beside the face of our latest Star. Or,we can take to our soapbox once again. Use the rights so many men gave their lives for and once again become a nation of leaders. My America was never meant to become the land of the greedy and it was not built from the blood,sweat,and tears of the followers.Stand up, take your rights back be a Voice not an Echo.



I am Dealherin just call me Dea tho everyone does. I am new to the Blog but not new to saying whats on my mind. I am very vocal. I am really in to Art of all types and have always enjoyed creative writing so am trying to put myself and my life out there.

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