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Letters to a Broken Home.

I wanted to curse you out,ask you what the fuck you’re thinking, tell you all the things you know I am thinking. I am better than that and I am no longer here to talk you in to doing the right thing that’s not my job anymore  you made your choices.So this is what I am going to do. I m gonna tell our kids their daddy is a good man even when they don’t agree. I am going to bring up all those old memories times when we all played and laughed . I am going to remind them of you and better times for you before you became this man.  I am going to pray for you to find peace in your soul. I could use this time to do you exactly the way you did me to put you down and keep you down when you so badly need a hand and some help up. I cannot do that never could. I will not let you or others chose who I am your actions will not play a part in my reactions. You deserve no loyalty, no friendship from me and I am the last place you should ever look for pity because I have none for you or myself. I am a good person with everything I have been through I can still hold on to that and hold on to who I am. I never tried to take anything from you or our kids and it would be nothing short of a sin to try to do so now. You took me from them out of anger, hurt, and your own pride.This is how I am going to repay your sins. I am no longer angry, You are not responsible for my hurt. I have no pride in my actions of the past. I will take pride in my actions from today forward.  I will forgive you and tell my kids their daddy is a good man. Get yourself together do you know how much you have hurt them no one is worth this  no woman is worth your blood . Make the right choices for yourself and for our kids get help. Put yourself and our kids first while there still time on this earth to fix your wrongs.


I am Dealherin just call me Dea tho everyone does. I am new to the Blog but not new to saying whats on my mind. I am very vocal. I am really in to Art of all types and have always enjoyed creative writing so am trying to put myself and my life out there.

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